The Roper

Other Peoples' Money

by Jerry Sterner

Directed by Dennis Zacek

Shattered Globe Theatre

"I cannot say that I would see this show a second time necessarily. However if I did see Other People’s Money again, it would be two reason and two reasons only. The first would be for the set design by Andrew Hildner. The theater is set in a proscenium setting. The stage is split, with one side being depicted as a skyscraper on Wall Street. With enormous windows that scaling from floor to ceiling, a marbled floor, expensive leather chairs, even equipped with a fast-talking, loud mouth, ruthless businessman named Lawrence Garfinkle, played by the commanding presence of Ben Werling. As you travel stage left, you suddenly appear in a small, beaten down office in Rhode Island; the home and foundation to a simple hardworking business owner, Andrew Jorgenson (Doug McDade).

While, yes the design of the set is creative, it is more importantly, smart. Smart because it allowed director Dennis Zacek to transition easily from scene to scene. Smart because the design utilized the space, I think, while creating something visually interesting to look at."

~Dan Haymes, Chicago Theatre Review


"A special call out is needed for the simple set of this play designed by Andrew Hildner, which juxtaposes the rundown factory in New England to the no-expense spared surrounds of “Larry the Liquidator”.    This simple set enables the actors to move back and forth quickly and all action to move at the fast pace that the script merits."
Amy Munice, Splash Magazies


"Adding much is Andrew Hildner’s bifurcated set, with Larry’s plush marble and cold headquarters office a contrast to Joregenson’s weathered and battered office, with its peeling paint and smudged windows."

~Lawrence Bommer, Chicago Theatre Beat


"Clever set design by Andrew Hildner"

~Nancy Bishop, Gapers Block


"The set design is excellent in that allows that characters in different places to speak to the audience at the same time while also showing the drastic difference between the office of a wall street tycoon and a blue collar factory owner."
~Joseph Hillenmeyer, Showbiz Chicago


Uncle Bob

2013 Mary-Arrchie Theatre

Director Cody Estle, written by Austin Pendleton

"He let this show be about the performances, making sure every design element was what they needed. From the smell of the old books, to the dollhouse of a kitchen, this was a rent controlled New York City apartment in the early 90’s. And they didn’t have to spend a million dollars to make it so. Cudos to set designer Andrew Hildner. Simplicity, ingenuity, and intimacy are the things that storefront theatre, when done well, excel at. This is a prime example.
Highly recommended."
~ Olivia Lilley, Chicago Theatre Review

"Andrew Hildner’s set, a drab apartment lined with shelves filled with books their spines turned to the wall, gives off a beige, melancholy ambience that from the first scene sets the mood for this dissection of an unfulfilled life."
~MARY HOULIHAN, Chicago Sun Times


2013 Bam Theatre

Director Melanie Lamoureux, Written by Arthur Kopit, Maury Yeston, and Federico Fellini


2013 Oak Park Festival Theatre.
Directed by Stephanie Shaw, Written by Edward Albee


2013 Cock & Bull Theatre, Chicago Dept of Cultural Affairs Storefront Theatre.

Director Chris Garcia Peak

Production Site with video

A Year With Frog & Toad

2012 Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX

Director Alexis Gette

Burn This

2012 Shattered Globe Theatre

Director Linda Gillum


"terrific set design by Andrew Hildner" 

~Tom Williams Chicago Critic 

Her Naked Skin

2012 Shattered Globe Theatre

Director Roger Smart

"Before the play begins, one notices Andrew Hildner’s stark, grey stage evoking a women’s prison, with staircases that lead to sliding doors representing holding cells. The doors slide open to reveal moments of despair, lust, and brutality, like some kind of advent calendar of human emotion." 

~J.H. Palmer, Chicago Theatre Beat



"Special kudos go to the technical team, including scenic designer Andrew Hildner, and lighting designer Charles Jolls, for creating a set where the women's Holloway imprisonment felt like victory and liberation, and life outside prison walls felt stifling, repressive, and without compromise."

~Alice Singleton, Gapers Block

Beyond the Fringe

2012 Oak Park Festival Theatre

Director David Mink

Moby Dick Rehearsed

2010 Northern Illinois University

Director Stanton Davis


The Leopold Group- Stage 773

Choreographer Lizzy Leopold 

Twelfth Night

NIU 2010

Director Alex Gelman



Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

NIU 2010

Director Stanton Davis


Private Lives

NIU 2010

Director Patricia Ridge


The Whisperer in Darkness


Most of the farmhouse scenes (interior & exterior) include my design


Picasso at the Lapin Agile

NIU 2009

Director Ann Filmer